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Let 150+ million players play your game. We will help you increase your reach and retention. Unified platform SDK, Game Backend, Analytics, Hosting, Game Distibution.

Boost your game stats with us

Retention 1D
Play Time
Player Reach
150 M+

Save Time and Resources

Save up to 90% of your time. Unified SDK that works on popular platforms. Ready-made meta mechanics, payment processing, and data persistence. No need to buy servers or hire a team.

  • Quick integration with platforms

    We have connected 10 platforms for you. Your game will work on any available platform and support popular features.

  • Reduce backend costs

    We will provide our ready-made backend. Multiple servers in different data centers, as well as a professional team. You don't need backend developers and server rentals.

  • Take away the routine of publishing

    Send us the game and we will test and publish it on platforms. Unified fund withdrawal and overall analytics across all platforms.

  • Ready-made meta mechanics

    Ready to use in the game. Leaderboards, achievements, chats, daily rewards, events. Increase player retention.

  • Ready UI for mechanics

    Designed and implemented overlay that only needs to be opened. We will draw leaderboards, achievements, and chats ourselves.


We cover many areas related to the gaming industry and help developers at different stages of production.

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