Game Backend

Serverless game backend. Experience a new era in technology. Cloud saves, payment processing, chats, leaderboards, game meta-mechanics directly from the game client.

Serverless Game Backend

You can use all the features of our backend directly from the game. No need to have your own server. We process payments from platforms and authorize players. Everything is ready to use on the client side.

  • Cloud data storage

    Sometimes the database is redundant. Save players' progress to the cloud. Easy to save and edit.

  • Connected to Platforms

    We have connected 10+ platforms for you. Our backend can process platform payments, authorize players and interact with the platforms automatically.

  • Ready-made meta mechanics

    Ready to use in the game. Leaderboards, achievements, chats, daily rewards, events. Increase player retention.

  • LiveOps

    Develop the game as a service. Deliver content in real time. Manage events and game settings.

  • Ready for UGC

    Cloud files and images. Upload player images, videos, replays, custom maps and anything else you can imagine.

Ready to get started?

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