Pay as You Go

Free 100,000 requests, then pay as you go. You are not limited. You can use all the features of the service and pay later.

API Requests Prices

All calls from the client to the game backend are charged.

API Requests
First 100,000Free
Next 1,000,0000.019 USD per 1,000 requests
Next 10,000,0000.017 USD per 1,000 requests
Over 11,100,0000.015 USD per 1,000 requests

Cloud Service Prices

Host games, store data and images in the cloud.

Cloud Service Prices
Game Hosting0.012 USD per day per game
Cloud Storage0.15 USD per month for 1 GB
Cloud Images0.6 USD per month for 10,000 images

Usage Plans

Check out the usage plans that may be right for you. Prepaid usage plans are much more profitable.

Price Calculator

Find out how much it will cost to use the service, taking into account requests or the number of players per day and time spent in the game. And also hosting resources.

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