Reliable game hosting

Reliability 99.999999%. Store data in multiple data centers. Deliver content from the location closest to the player in the world. Without limits and traffic tariffs.

Game Hosting

An easy way to publish your game on the web. There is no need to set up servers, buy a domain name or configure certificates. Fast loads from all over the world.

  • Reliability

    We replicate data into 2 S3 storages in different data centers. This is how we provide a double guarantee of data storage and maintain the availability of the service in case of accidents at the DC.

  • 200+ servers worldwide

    We use the CDN network to allow players to load the game from the server closest to them. Servers are located all over the world and provide fast loading and reliability.

  • Easy to use

    Just drag the archive with the game into the control panel and we will do everything ourselves. We will host your game on our servers and provide you a game link.

  • Transparent prices

    We charge daily for each game. We do not charge for traffic and space for the game.

  • Cache control

    We automatically reset the cache when you publish a new version, however you can manage the cache using unique URLs that can definitely reset the cache on the player side.

Usage Plans

Check out the usage plans that may be right for you. Prepaid usage plans are much more profitable.

Cloud Storage

Store your data in our storage facilities. Deliver content to your games instantly. Let players create UGC content and upload it to us.

  • Fast and reliable

    Same benefits as game hosting.

  • Any file formats

    Upload any files up to 32 MB in size. We support browser compatibility and streaming downloads.

  • UGC content

    Let your players upload files to the cloud. Store replays and custom levels created by players. Videos and screenshots from games.

  • Transparent prices

    Pay only for data volume. Billing is monthly for the average amount of data per month. We do not charge traffic.


See how services are charged using the Pay as You Go model.

Cloud Images

Powerful image processing service. Change sizes and formats on the fly, upload an unlimited number of images. Let your players share screenshots of happy moments.

  • Fast and reliable

    Same benefits as game hosting.

  • Modern image format

    We automatically convert the file to WEBP format, which provides x10 compression while preserving transparency.

  • UGC content

    Let your players upload screenshots and images to the cloud. You can organize albums in your games and get lists of images conveniently.

  • On-the-fly resizing

    You can request an image of any size. We'll cut it off instantly. For example, you can show thumbnails in the gallery and when you select an image, show them in the original size. This way you will ensure fast loading and save player traffic.

  • On-the-fly converting

    Choose any convenient image format: PNG, JPEG or WEBP. Just change the format in the link, we will convert the image instantly.

  • Transparent prices

    Pay per number of images. We do not charge storage or traffic fees.

Price Calculator

Find out how much it will cost to use the service, taking into account requests or the number of players per day and time spent in the game. And also hosting resources.

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